Flood Restoration Adelaide

Water damage can cost thousands of dollars if not properly taken care of FAST.  Water logged carpets can do some of the worst damage as stagnant water can seep below padding and into the sub-flooring. If there is a concrete slab here, you might need to replace it and if there’s wood beneath, it can quickly start to rot.


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Drying and Restoring Flooded Areas

Adelaide’s dry weather means that flooding doesn’t happen that often. When it does, however, many homes and commercial businesses can find themselves with a water logged building. Restoring water damage is not a DIY job and it needs to be extracted as soon as possible before it starts to cost you thousands of dollars.
Water damage primarily occurs due to flooding, heavy rain, defective plumbing or appliances, and accidents. 

No matter what has caused the damage, we’ve invested heavily in industry leading equipment, experience and qualifications to ensure we can provide a quick, professional resolution.  Great equipment ensures quality results and fast drying times. Typically our flood restoration services include…

  • Extraction of water from carpet and under lay using advanced extraction equipment
  • Anti-bacterial treatment to stop mould and bacteria growth
  • Moisture checks to the affected areas including carpets, walls, ceiling, joinery, ceiling etc
  • Document cause, loss, moisture readings, restoration process and drying bench marks
  • Installation of drying equipment to dry property quickly and effectively
  • We revisit property every 24 hours to monitor the drying process
  • Once the property is completely dry we remove all the drying equipment

Water Logged Carpets

Flood damaged carpets need to be water extracted as soon as possible. The longer water is allowed to sit, the more damage it can do to the home. Besides compromising carpet fibres, stagnant water will seep below padding and into the sub-flooring. If there is a concrete slab here, it may need to be replaced. In the instance there is wood beneath the carpet, it may rot. Because we also offer carpet steam cleaning services, we are also asked after the restoration process to come back and bring those carpets back to new again. If you have any upholstery furniture, we can also restore and dry that with our upholstery cleaning service.


Mould Prevention

Excessive water in a home contributes to mould. Black mould is known to be toxic; however, other types of mould can be harmful to you and your family’s health too. Mould produces mould spores that infiltrate the home looking for a moist place to grow. Mould tends to favour porous surfaces, which are extremely difficult, if not impossible to clean. For instance, mould can get into grout, wood, drywall and underneath caulk. Besides drywall, mould can grow on the inside of walls and spread all throughout hidden areas of the home leaving a nasty surprise to be uncovered.

Emergency Water Extraction

During floods or storms, water can come into the home through various ways. Whatever the reason for the flooding in the home, it’s essential to remove water quickly. The longer water is allowed to sit, the more a home-owner can expect in reconstruction, cleaning and repair costs.
Zig Zag Carpet Cleaning provides flood restoration services amongst other types of services. Their efficient manner of water extraction can help to save on reconstruction costs. Water damage is costly. Get help with Zig Zag Flood Restoration Adelaide today.

FLIR Infra Red Cameras

We have moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras (FLIR) to check moisture and temperature levels in different surfaces in you property. These cameras help us pinpoint water intrusion and find moisture beneath the surface. Instead of replying on just our naked eyes or touch we can know for sure by documenting dryness with accuracy and confidence.

Air Movers

The air movers help increase air flow to speed up evaporation and drying times. High-end industrial dehumidifiers remove moisture from air while air scrubbers complete with hepa filters remove any dust, allergens and odour from the polluted air. If required, we use carpet installation equipment to pull up and re-install carpeted areas.

Qualifications You Can Trust

We use IICRC qualified technician. We follow systematic approach to the situation to get your property back to pre-loss condition as quick as possible. We are fully insured, police checked for your peace of mind and we can even bill your insurance company directly to save you time and hassle of dealing with insurance companies.

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