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There is variety of different types of flooring available in market and all of them need they own special care to keep them looking like new. Home owners or regular cleaners can only do basic cleaning, but when it comes to restoring it back to new, it’s definitely not a DIY job. Incorrect chemicals or equipment can ruin your costly flooring in matter of minutes.
At Zig Zag we specialise in many different types of hard floor cleaning and maintenance. Our main floor cleaning technician is IICRC qualified in cleaning and restoring all hard floor surfaces. Our professional service will make sure they look as good as possible. Check out some of our work below.


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Expert Floor Polishing

With constant wear and tear from rubber soled shoes, furniture, rugs and mopping, your tiles can become a mess over time.

Our family owned, business has been providing households and commercial offices the best cleaning services for years! Talk to one of our friendly cleaners today to arrange an appointment, we also provide free no-obligation quotes by phone or email.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile have become very popular choice for flooring in modern homes and commercials. There are many different types of tiles and they all need different approach when it comes to cleaning and restoring them. At Zig Zag, we take pride in restoring those old tiled floors and grout back to new. We use industry approved cleaners to break down soiling and clean the grouting. We have top of the range rotary scrubbers and truck mounted equipment capable of breaking heavy soiling and cleaning those hard to clean grouted tiles. This includes ceramic, porcelain, terracotta and many other tiled flooring surfaces.

Vinyl, Lino and Resilient Floor Cleaning

We specialise in cleaning and polishing vinyl floors. If resilient flooring is not sealed, it will start getting scratched with foot traffic, furniture movement and general wear and tear. Those scratched areas collect a lot of dirt over time and the floor will start looking very dark or dull. If looked after properly resilient flooring can last you a long time.

With Vinyl, if it was previously sealed, the old sealer will have to be stripped off in order to clean it properly. Then this needs to be re-applied before it’s ready for use again. Whether its vinyl in a commercial office or your kitchen linoleum floor, we have you covered. This includes cleaning, restoring, buffing and strip-sealing all your resilient flooring.

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Cleaning Slate and other Natural Stone floors

Slate is a natural stone like Marble, Limestone, sandstone and granite. When cleaning any of these natural stone types a lot of care needs to be taken as most of them will react to high alkaline and acidic cleaners. It is recommended to seal slate flooring in order to protect it and increase its life expectancy. If the slate floor is not sealed it will start chipping and breaking. We can clean them to bring them back to their best appearance and seal them to protect that look for longer. We also provide strip and seal services for those floors which are already sealed and needing a facelift. See below for more information.

Strip and Seal Floor Polishing

We also provide quality strip and seal services to many different types of flooring including vinyl, tiles, slate, concrete, terracotta, terrazzo, marble and many others. We can also seal new flooring to protect it right from the beginning.

Floor buffing and Burnishing

Floor buffing is a process of bring the shine back on sealed surfaces. When the sealed floor is exposed to traffic, it slowly looses shine due to foot traffic and scratches. That doesn’t mean the sealer is worn off, it has just lost the shine. In many cases it can be due to use of improper cleaning chemicals and leaving chemical residues on floor. At Zig Zag Carpet cleaning we can clean those floors with pH neutral chemicals and buff / burnish the floor with high speed rotary polishers to bring the shine back on

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