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Many people are unaware that carpets can make people sick. Besides dirt, germs and stains, carpets harbour a lot of dust, debris, dust mites and allergens. While people are not directly allergic to dust mites, people are allergic to dust mite fecal matter. In addition, allergens can stay locked inside of carpets, which may contribute to allergic reactions.


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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Allergies can often be exacerbated more so in the home than outside. This can occur for several reasons – for instance people tend to keep their windows and doors shut thinking that they’re keeping allergens outdoors. The allergens still come in when people enter the home or animals come into the home and carpets are the most common place for those allergens to accumulate. Moreover, gravity naturally pulls allergens and debris downwards so over time dust builds up in carpets which may reduce their longevity. We also undertake commercial carpet cleaning as well.

Carpet fibers are tightly woven which makes it difficult to clean using home cleaning methods. The best option is to use industrial methods of carpet cleaning to care for carpet, rid of allergens, remove stains, preserve the carpet’s structural integrity is to utilise industrial methods of carpet cleaning.

Residential / Domestic Carpet Cleaning Service

ZigZag is all about quality when it comes to our helping Adelaide residents with their carpets. There are many factors worth considering when deciding whether to choose steam over dry process and which company to choose. Read below as to why we want your business.

Most carpet manufacturers recommends that your carpets to be cleaned by steam cleaning otherwise known as the Hot Water Extraction Method. Some of your furnishings, for example some specialist rugs, might have special requirements that need to be heeded first to prevent spoilage. You need a professional to recommend the best method for every one of your areas. We’re fully equipped and fully qualified.

IICRC and AS/NZ standards recommends that carpets need to be cleaned first via dry vacuuming which helps remove up to 97.5% dust. Then they need to be pre-sprayed using hand held spray or inline sprayer. Pre-spray detergent needs to be agitated to make it work better, areas need to be cleaned using the most appropriate method and you should also consider grooming or odour neutralisation.


What we can do for you

Hot Water Extraction aka Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most commonly used method in Adelaide which is recommended by both carpet manufacturers and property agents as it is arguably the best method for overall cleanliness. First your surface is vacuumed thoroughly to remove all dry soiling. Then it is pre-sprayed with detergent to break down the soiling. Then using a specialised wand, hot water is passed under pressure through the layers of the carpet and vacuumed to remove the broken down dirt and soil simultaneously. This hot water extraction process rinses the surface thoroughly removing all dirt and sanitising the carpet at the same time. If some spots are extremely dirty (typically high traffic areas), we may also use rotary scrubbers. This further breaks down the dirt and stubborn stains while also enhancing the final aesthetic results.

Carpet Dry Cleaning aka Bonnet Cleaning

This is the second most popular method. In this process the carpeted areas are vacuumed thoroughly, pre-sprayed with dry cleaning detergent and then microfiber bonnets are used with rotary scrubbers to remove broken down soiling. This method can be popular because it is a relatively quick process and leaves the carpet fairly dry. In most cases you can start using the areas again in as little as 30 mins. However, this method doesn’t remove all soiling and chemical residue from the carpet, which is why most manufacturers and property managers don’t recommend it. But due to it’s cost effective nature, it’s a popular choice for price conscious consumers or for maintenance cleans.

Encapsulation or Low Moisture Cleaning

This is another low moisture method. The main difference is the encapsulation shampoo is pH neutral so it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. This is because the shampoo mixes with soil particles and will then crystallize so that it can be removed later by dry vacuuming. This process is performed by the use of a rotary scrubber or a special encapsulation machine (Cimex). At ZigZag we prefer encapsulation over dry cleaning due to fact that encapsulation shampoo removes more soiling without leaving any residue. By using the encapsulation method in conjunction with the steam method you will always receive THE BEST results.

Zig Zag Cleaning Difference

We are IICRC qualified and by using multiple methods with the right equipment we can clean your carpet the way it it needs to be cleaned. Many other operators will force you to use whatever method they know, not the one that’s best for your needs. If you have a sensitive Alpaca rug which needs great care, we can do it. If you have expensive wool carpet which can be easily ruined, we can do it. By following AS/NZ standards, we ensure you always receive the best quality service.

Stain Removal

If you have stubborn stains, have no fear because when we come out to you, we bring with us a range of solutions to remove all types of stains and soiling from your fibres. Whether it’s food, drinks, wine, oil, grease, chewing gum, rust, sticky tape, vomit, blood, urine, pet odours, make-up, paint and many other stains, we’ve seen it all and are fully trained. We have a one of a kind upholstery cleaning service that can remove any stains from any of your furniture.

Onsite Rug Cleaning Service

Often customers take advantage of our quality onsite rug cleaning service where we can clean and restore most rugs on-site. By following detailed inspection procedures we first identify the fibre before checking the manufacturer’s recommendations. Often we first check for colour dye run by performing chemical testing prior to the full clean. Our on-site option can be far cheaper than taking it to a rug laundry.

Service Areas

We cover all areas from Gawler and Barossa valley in north to Seaford and McLaren Vale in the South. We also provide services in Adelaide hills and the whole Adelaide Metro area.

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